Read the HTML Tutorial. Specifically, I want you to read—and experiment with the code on—the following pages (see the left-hand navigation pane):

  • in the “HTML Basic” section, from “HTML Home” to “HTML Lists” and
  • in the “HTML5 News” section, from “HTML5 Intro” to “HTML5 Audio.”

HTML Basic menuHTML5 Menu

Next, create a basic HTML5 page that includes

  • a heading,
  • a paragraph,
  • a link,
  • an image,
  • a list, and
  • a HTML5 video element.

You just need the HTML code. You can make up the paths to images and other files and use filler text for the text elements, but the code of the page should load correctly in a browser. Bring a digital copy of the assignment with you to class on Tuesday, 2/19.

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