Remember: we will not meet for class on Thursday, 3/14.

For the remainder of the semester, our class meetings will primarily be workshops. For this purpose, you will need to bring your book files and course texts with you to every class meeting. Because EPUB requires you to work with multiple files in a rigid folder structure, you need a reliable way to be able to access those files and folders in class. Your best option is to create an account on Dropbox and save your files there. You can also use a USB key or bring your personal laptop to class. But Dropbox is good to have for its automatic backup properties.

In addition to the readings listed on the schedule, when we meet again for class on Tuesday, 3/19, you need to have completed all of the exercises in chapters 1 & 3 of the Castro book. It is ok if you do not have the text of your book completed yet; however, you need to have a working EPUB version of the book—even if it only contains the title page.

You can consult the examples from the Castro text to save yourself some typing. If you download her “final EPUB file of Walden,” you can follow her instructions for unzipping EPUB files on pp. 92-93 to see the files shown on p. 94. This will save you the trouble of remaking the file structure and creating all the files on your own.

If you run into problems completing these exercises, either contact me for help or get in touch with one of your classmates. Completing these exercises will be essential to your being able to add text and features to your book over the remaining weeks of the course.

As always, let me know if you have any questions for me.

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