UPDATE: CRAAP Test worksheet and creating graphs in Excel, assignment for 3/27

For Thursday, 3/27, please complete the following assignment and bring it to class.

  1. Compile a preliminary bibliography of at least 5 items for your data visualization controversy project. As with all of your sources for this project, these should be high-quality primary and secondary sources. (If you would like to review the CRAAP test for your sources, you can find the worksheet here.)
  2. Take some data from one of these sources and create two data visualizations from it (keep the data set small; this is a design exercise, not a data exercise). One of these visualizations should follow the best practices for visualizing data as described in chs. 1-2 of the WSJG; the second should visualize the same data, but do so in a way that misleads its audience by ignoring the recommendations in the WSJG reading. (If you are unfamiliar with creating charts and graphs, you can consult an Excel tutorial here.)

Be prepared to share your visualizations in class and explain why, based on the WSJG reading, they are/are not misleading.

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