Tools for creating a course website

  • My preferred tool is WordPress. You can host your own site at or download the software from and host it on your own domain. WordPress supports a host of plugins that allow you to add functionality to your site and is easily customizable.
  • Alternatively, you can use Drupal to create your site. Like WordPress, it is free and can be used on your own domain, but at the moment Drupal does not host sites for users like does.
  • Blogger will host a site for you with a lot of functionality (and some access to Google’s suite of applications), and will let you host the site on your own domain, but it isn’t open-source (like WordPress and Drupal) and doesn’t have the same plugin architecture.
  • Tumblr is open source and supports hosting and using your own domain, but it also does not have the plugin ecosystem of WordPress.
  • There are any number of quick-and-dirty CMSs that you can use with more or less functionality. I would default towards one that allows you to modify themes and move your site or sites to your own domain if you ever choose to do that.

Here, in no order, are some sites I have drawn inspiration from:

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