Blog Remix

This will be an in-class assignment. The goal of the assignment is to give you practice in remixing text and, in doing so, to think about how remixing can support originality and creativity.

Here are the instructions:

  • This assignment will be completed in a group.
  • You and the members of your group will create a new post, one that remixes the materials in your previous posts, but does so in a way that creates something new from those materials. This can mean lots of things, from making the post argue the oposite of what the source material said, or having it address a completely new topic. That is, you aren’t dj-ing a blog-post greatest hits party; rather, GirlTalk-style, you are making something unique that nevertheless draws on the existing material in those posts. Feel free to be creative in your choices.
  • You can draw on our readings and class discussions for ideas, but only use the text and images and links in your posts in the final product.
  • The assignment should be completed before class is over; be prepared to share what you created with the class.