ENG303 Review

This semester, english 303 has taught me a lot about using different types of media and theories that come with this new technology. This was class didn’t come as easy as most of my other classes because I have not … Continue reading

What is Multimedia?

  As a student who has spent the majority of her undergraduate years taking science based courses, I’m not really sure what made me decide to pick up a Professional Writing and Editing minor without ever having taken an actual … Continue reading


As a third year English major, I have a general idea of what English classes are like. You sit down, the teacher gives some generic instruction on essay types, and the rest of the semester is spent talking about the … Continue reading

In Conclusion

This class has definitely been a work in progress. When I first started, I have to admit, I wasn’t a huge fan. I’ve never been the uber-blogger that I know I should be to survive in the PR world, so … Continue reading


Over the semester I have learned a lot in our Eng 303 Multimedia class. This class has given me the opportunity to see things in a different light. I also enjoyed it because it incorporated a lot of technology in … Continue reading