A Change in Heart

Throughout the semester in our class we have been discussing the positive and negative effects of social media. In the blogs and discussions in class I have been partial to the positive aspects. Whether it was discussing the utility of … Continue reading

Text With Pizzazz

        Anne Eisenberg discusses the benefits of having digitalized textbooks in “Making Science Leap From the Page.” However, these digitalized textbooks have “pizazz” because they are “replete with punchy, interactive electronic features” which means that they are … Continue reading

Selling A Book By Its Cover

This week’s readings presented an interesting fork in the road for the digitization of text. Audrey Watters’ article “Apple and the Digital Textbook Counter-Revolution” had me realize what was really going on. She believed that Apple could have made better … Continue reading

Online Innovations

The online textbook idea I think is a very interesting topic. College students now a days, have grown up in a very technological generation. Every year, there is a new and innovative piece of technology that becomes the newest trend … Continue reading

iLike iPads

I really like the idea of e-books being used as the new medium for reading books for pleasure as well as using them to access textbooks for school.  I personally do not have an iPad or Kindle or any tablets … Continue reading