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    Lisa Steinerd

    When will the discussion leaders be notified that they are a discussion leader for a discussion.

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    I had trouble finding this information at first, but I did eventually find it on the assignments link. You’ll find it under the “Discussion forum postings due dates” title.

    “I will assign DLs to individual weeks and email the DL schedule to everyone during our second week of classes.”

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    John Jones

    What @Toni said; the course roster will not be set until the drop/add period ends on 1/14. I plan to email the DL list to everyone on 1/15.

    If you would like to claim a particular week—basically any week on the schedule when readings are assigned from PROG or B2B—post your request to this thread, and I will try to reserve it for you.

    Keep in mind: there are currently 16 people in the course, and 11 weeks with readings. This means

    1. Some weeks will have two DLs, but no more than that.
    2. We need a DL for each of the 11 weeks, so if too many people double up, I will resuffle the schedule. In other words, just because you request a week, that doesn’t mean you will get it. However, I will do my best to honor everyone’s requests.
    3. If you volunteer to take the first week of posts—week 3—I will add an extra ten percentage points to your Discussion Forum grade.



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    Jon Miltenberger

    I don’t mind volunteering for that first week of DL posts.

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    Kaitlyn White

    I see that Jon Miltenberger has already volunteered to be Discussion Leader for Week 3, but if you should need two Discussion Leaders for this week, I would also really appreciate the opportunity!
    Thank you!
    Kaitlyn White

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    Lisa Steinerd

    Thanks everyone! The first week of class (ok maybe first few weekS) take some getting used to! I appreciate the help!

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